Chimney Fire Extends to the Structure
By Ex-Chief Shawn Madsen/Photo unknown source
December 9, 2019

At 4:26pm Lake Carmel FD was dispatched to 22 Arbor Ct for a reported chimney fire that has extended to the roof. Upon arrival of Asst Chief Ken Launzinger he confirmed a fire that was in and around the chimney. An immediate request for assistance was made through Putnam 911 for East Fishkill FD FAST, Brewster FD engine, Carmel, Kent and Patterson with one tanker each and a Putnam County Battalion. The fire was brought under control in about 30 minutes. No injuries were reported.

Units: 1712 (Command), 1713, 1723, 1744, 1741, 1771
Mutual Aid: Putnam County- Brewster FD, Carmel FD, Kent FD, Patterson FD Putnam County Battalion 15 and 16. Dutchess County- East Fishkill FD, Pawling FD