Afternoon Motor Vehicle Accident Causes Temporary Road Closure
April 16, 2021

Friday At 6:10pm Lake Carmel Fire/EMS and PC Medic 4 was dispatched to a reported head on collision in front of the Lakeview Church on Rt 52. Chief Justyn Lewis arrived on scene found two cars in the middle of Route 52 with multiple people injured. Putnam County EMS Director Casey Quake arrived and there was an immediate request for an additional Medic and BLS ambulance. Command requested assistance from Carmel Fire Dept to assist with road closure. Route 52 remained closed from Towners Rd to Palmer Trail (Hill and Dale CC) for about one hour while EMS crews assessed the patients and fire department crews cleaned up the road. Lake Carmel ambulance, Putnam County Medics 3 & 4 transported to a nearby trauma center with non life threatening injuries.

Units: 1711 (Command), 1794/1795 (Operations), 1761, 1771 and 1781. Kent Police
Mutual Aid: Carmel FD 1212 and 1281.Putnam County EMS 1, Battalion 16, Medics 3 & 4. Carmel Police and Putnam County Sheriff